Do you Walk the Walk as Well as You Talk the Talk?

Hey guys, I hope you are all well and have had a fantastic week! I am back with a full post for you this week. As I sit here on my sofa listening to some very chilled beats, writing my blog I have a small smile on my face. The kind of smile that you feel in your stomach it makes you warm from the inside out and brings a natural glisten and gloss to your eyes. This smile just creeps up on you and despite the fact that you try to hold it back it comes anyway. Now all you girls are probably saying what man have I got in my presence? But NOOOOOO it’s nothing external that brings this smile to my face it is all internal, I will explain more as we get into our subject for this week.

As I said in last week’s very brief post, I needed a break from healing, a break from reading and thinking about self-improvement and self-development. I needed to pause and just be for a second, and I am happy to report that is exactly what I done with my weekend and with parts of my week too.
It was exactly what I needed and from now on I will be sure to schedule some PAUSE Time into my week.

Guys let me tell you though my PAUSE time ended so quickly, I blinked my eye lids and before I knew it I was back here writing. It got me thinking how long do we PAUSE for? This is an important question because as much as we all need time to recover ourselves sometimes that pause can very easily turn into a vacation. A little bit like when we take a day off the gym and before you know it five months has past and you are back where you started. I was thinking about possibly taking a second weekend off this weekend but I had to be very mindful of the reasons I took the break in the first place, the reasons I started on this journey in the first place and whether or not I was now trying to turn my break into procrastination.
So here I am showing up, smiling and doing what I need to do for me, and all of you that may benefit from these posts!

Let’s get on with it shall we!!!!!

We are in the month of June, month six, half way point of the year, normally by this time of year my new year’s resolutions are all out of the window and I am berating myself for never being able to stick to them. This year is a little different, firstly I did not make any resolutions this year! I simply wrote a list of the things I needed to do so that I could work toward the person that I wanted to become, there were no deadlines in place and I explicitly told myself that I would go with the flow, keep moving forward but I would not place any undue pressure on myself.
This week I reviewed that list, I felt that half way through the year was a good point to re- visit this especially as I was feeling so exhausted and drained. I needed to refocus and check that I was still on track to becoming the women I want to become.
To my surprise I found that I could tick a few things of the list, one of the things on the list was to begin writing my blog. Well you all know that I have achieved that! Whoop whoop! I am so so so so so happy from the inside out that I am living my life for me.
As I said last week this journey started a long time ago, but six months ago when I wrote that list, I set my intention to find my true self. That intention has not waivered however after reviewing your list, I was in the bath and a question popped into my mind (I tell you all my best ideas come to be in the bath).

I asked myself this question Sadia do you walk the walk as well as you talk the talk?

And the answer for me was no not really.

Now you guys know I have to be honest with you and myself. In all honesty I have learnt a lot of things, I give great advice to myself and to others, I have worked hard attending courses learning about myself, I have met some of my goals and I am well on my way to becoming the women that I want to be, but…
MY TALK IS BETTER THAN MY WALK!!!!!!!!!! (Just being honest we have got to keep it real sometimes).
The reason I think this is because although I have come a long way, from the girl that felt she was not worth her own time. There is more that I can do to help move this journey along.
Reviewing my list revealed that although the intention has been set and I am able to tick my goals off. I could be doing more. I could be living my days differently, a small example of this could be meditating daily instead of only meditating as and when I feel I need meditation. Now please don’t mistake what I am saying as being too hard on myself, It is not me saying I have not being working hard on myself because believe me I know that I have. As I described above from the inside out I am smiling because all I have done is show up for myself (in the same way in the past I have shown up for others putting their needs before my own, I now show up for me). What I am saying is what would happen if I done even more for myself?
So what can we do to go above and beyond for ourselves? How do we keep building on what we have already started?
Intention + Action + More Action = Consistent Growth
We don’t want our growth to become stagnant, what this past six months has shown me is that we are always evolving the person that I was last year is not the person I am today. The moment we stop taking more action is the moment we stop growing.
So what does more action look like? To me more action is the following;

1) Pause, taking my break last week cleared my mind it, allowed me to look at how far I have come, but clarified what else I could be doing. This inspired me to keep moving forward, I could have reviewed how far I have come and found that I did not come very far but I don’t feel that we should feel discouraged if we find we have not moved very far but instead;

2) Be kind to yourself, from the moment you set your intention you are on the road to healing yourself and growing. I know I have said it more than once this past two weeks but my journey actually started a long time ago. So please don’t think that action is the be all and end all. It is defiantly super important, but sometimes it takes a while to get started. When you have been through a hard time it can be difficult to make changes so be kind to yourself because this will set the foundation for the action. If you talk negatively to yourself you will stay in that place, because you will find it difficult to get past those negative thoughts. If you show yourself compassion it will be easier to take steps toward action.

3) Write a list of goals (or review your goals), these goals do not have to be the typical mundane things like lose ten pounds in two days. It has been really beneficial for me to set goals around the person that I want to become and the mark that I want to leave on this world. I am not telling you not to set goals such as lose weight because sometimes these are the things we want to achieve but honestly my experience so far is setting goals that change you internally impact positively on the things that you want externally. You will be surprised by what changes on the outside when things begin changing on the inside.

4) Intention+ Action+ More Action = Consistent Growth. Take more action than you are already taking. I don’t want to make the assumption that all my readers are like me but I push past my comfort zone by about 15%, but I would like to encourage you and myself today to push past our comforts zones by at least 50%. Honestly I am so excited by this because the results are going to be 50% better than they are now. Guys if that is the case I am going to be walking around daily with a permanent smile on my face. A smile that comes from my internal and not my external. For future reference let’s call this the Inside Out Smile.

5) Stay in your lane! Do not under any circumstances compare your journey to other peoples. This is an order none of us walk the same steps. I cannot walk in your shoes and you cannot walk in mine. We all have our own lanes and we need to stay in them Period! In the Words of Cardi B AYYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!!! (I hope there is at least one Cardi B fan that gets that joke). This leads me nicely onto the last step!

6) Tap into your unique shine! This is the last step but the most important step that you guys need to take on board. Understand that we all have our own unique shine. We are all born with our own personally designed shine. When I meet new people most of the time they give me a wonderful response. They often say things to me such as ‘you are so special’ or ‘you have so much to give to the world’, and I often think to myself ‘these people do not know me what are they talking about’?. However what I am beginning to see is they can see my unique. shine, they can see the things in me that I cannot see in myself. The most important thing that you can do is recognise your own unique shine because that will give the belief in yourself that you need. This might be the hardest step to take but I have put it last purposely so that you don’t forget that you all have your own personally designed unique shine. Nobody else will shine the way you do!

I love you all, thank you so much for reading! I hope that this post is as helpful to you as it was to me. I am so ready to take more action! My last words today are ‘get you a Inside out Smile’ 😊


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